Trust & Safety

Leave reviews and references

When you come back from your holiday, do not forget to leave reviews for your host/guest so you let other people know about your experience. In this way, you will help the good hosts get more requests, and you will be able to see people that had a nice experience in their trip. Also, when you encounter a host that created you different type of problems, leave a negative review about this to warn other people about him/her.

Use our website to communicate

We put at your disposition the possibility to communicate via our website. Use it wisely until you give other hosts personal information about you such as phone number, email, etc. This is going to help us identify different kind of problems that our clients encounter, and to solve them.

Know your limits

Keep in mind that you have to respect people around you during the swap and not only. The more you respect their house rules, the less problems you will encounter.